Small Business, Big Branding

Whether your business has 10, 50, or 200+ employees you are considered a “small business”. That doesn’t mean, however, that you also need to have a small brand.

Many business owners overlook the value of their brand which in many cases could be the most valuable part of their business.

From your logo, to your print marketing graphic design, to your web design, these pieces all come together to form your brand and the way you are viewed by consumers and other businesses. Continue reading

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Mobile website design and conversion

More and more people are browsing the internet on their smartphones and it is know easier than ever to make a version of your website specially formatted for android, iphone, and windows phones.

Mobile websites look and feel like mobile apps but are websites displayed in the browser. Call or email today to find out how easy it is to make a great mobile formatted version of your existing website!

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The value of SEO to your business

In short, the value can be huge. Specially for localized small businesses or large national companies, the return on investment for good search engine optimization can be massive. Continue reading

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Developing cross-platform mobile apps

Did you know it is now possible to develop mobile applications which can run on a variety of platforms including iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android, Android Tablets, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and more from one code base?

It is now possible using a variety of development techniques and can significantly reduce development time as well as budget.

While some very complex apps may still need to be made as native apps for each platform, many types of apps can be made to run on all platforms.

Have a project in mind? Contact me to learn more…

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Web Development Blog

Follow this blog for news and updates about web development for businesses

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