Small Business, Big Branding

Whether your business has 10, 50, or 200+ employees you are considered a “small business”. That doesn’t mean, however, that you also need to have a small brand.

Many business owners overlook the value of their brand which in many cases could be the most valuable part of their business.

From your logo, to your print marketing graphic design, to your web design, these pieces all come together to form your brand and the way you are viewed by consumers and other businesses.

Today, small businesses have the ability to get “big” branding for small budgets. They should have set brand colors, set ways to design marketing collateral, and of course have a website that can be as good or better than their top “big business” competitors.

Your company’s brand is the sum of all interactions with your marketing potential customers see. Make them as good as possible.

Contact me to discuss your brand or for a full brand review. A strong brand leads to more business and a more valuable company.

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