The value of SEO to your business

In short, the value can be huge. Specially for localized small businesses or large national companies, the return on investment for good search engine optimization can be massive.

Search Engine Optimization helps your website get found online by people looking for your product or service. Everyday people search on sites like Google and Yahoo for products and services. Services tend to be local, like Doctors, Carpet Cleaners, Lawyers, Restaurants, etc. (example search “san francisco plastic surgeon”) while products have become increasingly available non-locally online.

This makes the value of SEO huge for both types of businesses. Local services can more easily get rankings for their services while products can reach a broader national or global audience with SEO. If you have a large company with localized services in many areas, search optimization for top rankings can exponentially increase your sales and revenue.

With some local services getting as much as 90% of their business from SEO and searches online, there is no doubt search engine optimization is an important part of marketing a business today. If your site is not optimized, you are loosing valuable business from searches online. Many recognize online search today as a modern day yellow pages, but with less cost, greater promotion, and much higher return on investment. can help your business lead in search rankings in your industry locally, nationwide, or worldwide. Call or email today to discuss options.

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